Kennedy Agyapong Explains Why NET 2 TV Isn’t As Big As Everyone Expects After 16 Years Of Operation

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Since NET 2 TV began getting quite some traction following the recent exposé on fake pastors in the country, viewers have always asked why a ‘rich’ man’s business does not reflect the status of its owner.

The station and its employers have since received a lot of backlashes from the public including Italy-based Ghanaian YouTuber, Magraheb for their supposed “unprofessional” work.

Outspoken Member of Parliament who doubles as the owner of NET 2 TV and other businesses, Honourable Kennedy Agyapong has hinted the reason for his ailing TV station.

There have been several instances where the owner himself hurled insults at the staff on live TV for a blunder.

Speaking at one of his residences in Accra in an exclusive interview with JoyNews’ Mamavi Owusu Aboagye he said when he sets up a business, he expects it to take care of itself.

“What I do is, I set up the business, I let the business run and take care of itself. I will not take money from other companies to support another, no. All businesses must be independent. Initially, I invest my capital and let it run.”

He added that NET2 TV cannot even make GHC20,000 per month. He, however, did not seem perturbed because “not all businesses do well,” according to him.


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