Kennedy Agyapong “My Driver Makes 2X More Than A Graduate Who Works At A Bank”

Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, has advised that for Ghana to move forward, the youth must have a mindset of entrepreneurship.

According to him, with most graduates yearning for corporate jobs after school, their salaries after tax deductions are nothing to write home about.

Angry Kennedy Agyapong

He added that, however, this is not the case for artisans such as plumbers, and masons, who are not even respected by the graduates.

Speaking to some tertiary students in Koforidua, at the ICGC Jesus Temple, he compared the salary of his niece, who works at an Agric bank, to that of his driver.

“The question is, how much money do you make as a nurse? When you see a carpenter, mason, or plumber, you think he didn’t go to school. They make more money than nurses.

“I took my niece to Agric Bank, a graduate and after taxes, she makes GHC1,700, a graduate. But my driver makes 2 times more than a graduate who works at Agric Bank,” he said in the video sighted by GhanaWeb.

He argued that because of the dirty-looking nature of plumbers and carpenters, they are looked down on by graduates in suits, though they are the ones earning big.

“So a plumber who gets a contract from me and charges GHC50,000, GHC100,000 and gets 15% profit on it…How many of you earn GHC7,500 a month? But when you put on your tie and suit and you see a carpenter or plumber with some dirty clothes, you disrespect him.”

He, therefore, encouraged nurses to focus on men in entrepreneurial sectors as husbands.

“My friend, you are making a mistake. The artisans, they make good money, so as nurses, if you want to marry, focus on the plumbers and carpenters and not the graduates …”

Mr Agyapong, who owns lots of businesses including Net2 TV and Oman FM, reiterated that Ghana needs more entrepreneurs than politicians.

“So we need more entrepreneurs more than politicians for Ghana to move forward. Because if I set up a business and employ 20 people, ask yourself how many politicians can employ 20 people…Trust me, even if you work, you have a monthly salary, save at least 70% of your income if you are staying with your parents. If you don’t postpone today’s spending for tomorrow…there will be no better tomorrow,” he explained.


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