Kennedy Agyapong Falls In Love With Anas, Commends Him For Exposing Judges

In what could be his first-ever public declaration of admiration for the ace investigative journalist’s works, Kennedy Agyapong has given Anas Aremeyaw credit for his documentary on the judiciary.

Kennedy Agyapong’s dislike for Anas’ works is well documented and has even resulted in legal battles.

The MP has always amid wild and unproven allegations held that the highly-respected investigative journalist is a ‘fraudster’.

His incessant attacks on Anas landed him in a defamation suit which he lost and had to make some compensations.

But after being confronted with the reality, Kennedy Agyapong has now made a u-turn on his perception of Anas.

Speaking on Net 2, Kennedy Agyapong commended Anas for exposing what he now thinks is deep-rooted corruption in the judiciary.

A livid Kennedy Agyapong vowed to do ‘worse’ than Anas and expose all judges who he alleges are perpetuating injustice in the system.

He promised to petition the Chief Justice for him to investigate the judges.

“Anas was partially right. Judges are also corrupt. I’m going to tell the Chief Justice. I won’t set them up or take bribes but I will disgrace you”.

Journalists in the country were also not left out of Kennedy Agyapong’s criticism.

He asserted that Ghanaian journalists receive bribes under the guise of ‘soli’.

He noted that most journalists have made properties from ‘bribes’ paid them by politicians.

“In Ghana, it is only journalists who take bribes and call it soli. They take bribes more than everyone. All the big journalists, their houses were bought for them by ex-presidents and head of states”.

Source: Ghanaweb


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