Karen house saga: CS Bore tells her side of the story

Labour CS Florence Bore has broken silence over the media reports on the purchase of Karen home, which belongs to MP Edward Muriu.

She said they entered into an agreement with the house owner and agreed on the price.

“My attention is drawn to the viral media reports on the sale and purchase transaction of a house in Karen between myself and a company associated with Hon Edward Muriu,” Bore said.

“I entered into an agreement to purchase the property at a negotiated and agreed purchase price. Resultantly, I signed my part of the agreement for sale and transmitted the agreement through my lawyers to the vendor’s lawyers for signing on their part.” 

Labour CS Florence Bore at the International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland on June 15, 2023.

She said, Muriu Mungai & Company (MMC Asafo), acting for the vendor, acknowledged receipt of the signed agreement for sale by stamping on the forwarding letter by her lawyers.

“In compliance with the respective clauses of the agreement, I sourced a 10 per cent deposit from my Sacco and paid directly to the vendor’s lawyers account via RTGS. It was a term in the agreement for sale that the completion period of the transaction was 90 days from the date of signing the agreement,” the CS said.

Bore said Muriu agreed that she take occupation of the house while she sought a mortgage facility for the balance, which she legitimately expected to obtain within the agreed transaction period of 90 days.

“Unfortunately, in an astounding weave of events, in less than 30 days of the agreement, Hon Edward Muriu and his wife attempted to unlawfully evict my children from the house while I was out of the country,” the CS said.

“They were accompanied by armed goons necessitating the need for police presence in the premises. For a colleague in leadership to take advantage of my absence from the country to run a hate campaign instead of waiting to engage me upon return is not only queer but baffling.”

Bore termed the claims by Muriu “dramatising and sensational which are fabricated because he has found a better deal”.

“The dramatised and sensational allegations are fabricated to unlawfully dissociate from the agreement ostensibly because they have found a ‘better deal’.

“The transaction was a private engagement between a willing seller and a willing buyer, both parties duly represented by lawyers in total conformity with the law. The media pitch was therefore unwarranted and ancillary to the transaction,” she said.

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