Meet Jeff Bozos, The Man Is Worth More Than Kenya’s GDP

Jeff Bozos is worth more than Kenya’s GDP.

Jeff Bezos , the worlds wealthiest man is worth $122 Billion(Sh 12 trillion) more than Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

The country’s GDP stood at Sh 9.8 trillion in 2019 , official data shows. Uganda, recorded a GDP of $28.1billion( Sh 2.81 trillion) in the same year while Tanzania’s was $56.8billion(Sh 5.68 trillion).

How did he get so rich?

Bezos founded one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, Amazon and is currently the CEO with a 12 per cent stake at the firm.

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Amazon is one of the most profitable firms in the world recording $10 Billion(h 1 trillion) in net profit generating $230 billion(Sh 23 trillion) in revenue.

You have probably been thinking that Bill gates was on top of the list.

Bill gates who is second on the list is worth $114 billion(Sh 11.4 trillion. He is the founder of Microsoft, one of the world’s largest software business.

The index revealed Aliko Dangote as Africa’s richest, he is worth $15.8 billion(Sh 1.58 trillion). Dangote is a Nigerian billionaire businessman, and the owner of the Dangote Group, which has interests in commodities in Nigeria and other African countries.

So, what about Africa?

Nigeria’s economy is the biggest in Africa as oil output from the country increased, with a GDP of $398 billion(Sh39.8 trillion). The whole African continent is worth $2404 billion(Sh 240.4 trillion).

According to the index, the top ten of the world’s richest men are worth $806billion(Sh 80 trillion), most of them are invested in the technology space.

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