This Lucky Ghanaian Man Reveals His Japanese In-Laws Gave Him $5000 To Marry Their Daughter

A Ghanaian man in Japan, Barnabas Young, has revealed he got $5,000 from his Japanese in-laws to marry their daughter.

Barnabas says his in-laws initially were not in his favour due to being African but eventually came around.

japan ghanaian marry

Speaking to SVTV Africa’s show ‘Daily Hustle Worldwide’, he revealed that his in-laws initially had a racial bias against him. He revealed that they had never travelled and had a terrible perception of Africans from the 1920s.

“Japan is an island nation so they did not travel much. They thought Africans lived on trees with no clothes,” he said.

“They saw me wearing a suit and thought I bought it in Japan. Later, that perception changed and we got married after,” he added.

The Ghanaian revealed his in-laws came to like him eventually to the extent they gifted him 5k for his wedding to their daughter.

He said he and his wife did a court wedding instead and donated the money to charity.

“Surprisingly, they gave me money for marrying their daughter. They gave us $5,000 at the time but we chose a court wedding and gave the money to a children’s home,” Barnabas said.

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