Jachiga Buried Secretly at 2Am Under Tight Security (Video)

Ohangla music artist has finally been laid to rest at 2:00am, the morning of June 13 under tight security.

This happened some hours after chaos erupted during his previous burial ceremony on June 12.

As of when that happened till dusk, it remained unclear as of when the Luo musician would be buried.

Until this morning when we caught wind of the news, Jachiga was hurriedly buried in the middle of the night by the police and under very tight security.

The cops wore civilian clothes and were are seen in a video shoveling up soil into the grave.

News reports indicate that there were not many people at the graveyard other than the deceased’s younger brother, Austin Omondi. He is the only one that was allowed to witness the send off.

The burial would have taken place on Friday June 12 at day time had the mourners not interrupted the ceremony as they demanded more time to view the body.

They removed the casket from the grave and took it around the village for viewing.

They also partially filled up the grave to delay the burial proceedings.

The burial was postponed as chaos arose between the mourners and police. The civilians cast stones at the police who then unleashed tears that caused the masses to flee the burial ground.

Jachiga’s body was moved to a local health center where it stayed until early this morning when he was laid to rest.

Mourners were in for a rude shock once word of the secret burial got out. They have vowed to dig up the grave and pull out the body a second time until he is accorded a decent burial.

The late Abenny Jachiga’s mother has been sitting on her son’s grave, forbidding the mourners from exhuming his body.

Jachiga's Mum
Jachiga’s mum sits on his grave to prevent mourners from exhuming the body, PHOTO COURTESY

He died after a short illness that is linked to pneumonia.

Here is a video of the secret burial courtesy of Kenyan.co.ke:



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