Akufo Addo Can’t Bath In The Presidential Jet, Defence Minister Defends £15k An Hour Private Jet

Ghana’s Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul has defended the decision to charter an aircraft that cost the Ghanaian taxpayer £15,000 an hour for the president to travel abroad.

Addressing parliament on Wednesday, Mr Nitiwul said the Presidential jet is not big enough to carry the President and his entourage on his journeys.

Furthermore, there’s no room for the president to shower in the presidential jet, therefore, making it a necessity to rent a more luxurious one.

“The decision to travel to long and multiple destinations such as the president travelling to France, Belgium and South Africa, will always require a larger aircraft even when the Falcon is airworthy…When the President is travelling with more than 20 people for a business trip…you will need more than just a Falcon, otherwise, the people will have to go more than a day ahead of the president to prepare themselves.

“The president himself must go more than a day ahead to prepare himself because no president can shower in this aircraft, so you can’t move from this aircraft straight into a meeting,” Mr Nitiwul said.


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