Inside Ruiru’s ‘Haunted House’ Believed to be infested by ‘Jinis’

Located in Kiambu County on the outskirts of Nairobi, Ruiru is known for many great things including; being a nice spot for meat lovers, a perfect residential area for persons who don’t want to stay in the city, and a perfect place to set up a small farm and practice farming.

However, amidst all these, one building famously known as the haunted house has always made headlines and made Ruiru trend on social media. So what is the haunted house all about?

The house is located along the Ruiru-Kiambu Road. Owing to reports of being infested by evil spirits popularly known as majini, the house has not been occupied for the last 30 years.

Ruiru’s ‘Haunted House’

Interestingly, houses built around it are fully occupied.

Despite being a modern three-storey building, its design, the stories revolving around it, and witness accounts have made it a no go zone for house seekers.

For instance, at the top of the building is an owl-like architectural design which many associate with the freemasonry.

According to persons who’ve visited the building, the compound is full of long grasses, an indication that nothing much happens at the place.

In 2005, a building owned by the owner of the ‘haunted house’ collapsed along Ronald Ngala in Nairobi CBD, thus fueling reports that the incident could be as a result of evil attacks associated with the Ruiru building.

Over a year ago, a section of locals decided to verify whether the house is actually infested with jinis, and according to them, once they got inside, they were attacked and repelled by unknown forces.

“Trouble started when we opened one of the cabinets that was filled with kitchenware. Suddenly, cooking sticks and spoons therein started hitting us. In a movie-like scene, the items hit us so hard we were forced to flee,” one of the locals named Patrick Juma told People Daily.

According to Juma, once inside the house, the gate locked, adding that attempts to scream and call for help were futile because locals are scared of the building.

“When we tried to open the gate we would be slapped by unseen persons. We struggled for hours until the ghosts thought they had punished us enough and the gate suddenly flung open. From that time we have never gone near it,” Juma added.

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