Identical Twin Sisters Graduates From Legon As A Doctor And Pharmacist

Two gorgeous twin sisters have recently taken to social media to celebrate successfully getting inducted into their careers.

According to their LinkedIn update of Selom Agboli, she shared that she was officially sworn into the Medical and Dental Council of Ghana, and her identical twin sister, Sedem was inducted into the Pharmacy Council within the same week.

twin sisters graduate legon

“Two inductions, one week! Sedem Agboli and I, Selom Agboli have been inducted by the Pharmacy Council and the Medical and Dental Council of Ghana respectively”, the post read.

Selom went ahead to share that spending 6 years at the University of Ghana was not easy but grace saw her through it all.

“The journey has been nothing short of Grace. The dream is now a reality. I must say that six years in University of Ghana Medical School has been nothing short of Grace”

Ghanaians who saw the post had some very nice things to say to the sisters.


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