From Motorcycle To Private Jet: Ibrahim Mahama Shares His Touching Success Story (Video)

Michael Ibrahim Mahama, CEO of Engineers & Planners, has revealed his tale of rising from “nothing” to become the successful businessman he is today.

According to Ibrahim Mahama, it was only by God’s intervention and destiny that he met a guy he referred to as Uncle Seth, who assisted him in starting his company.

The businessman made the revelation recently while presenting a testimonial at church. He was at Grace Chapel for the release of a book called Destiny.

Ibrahim Mahama told the congregation and other visitors that he returned to Ghana from the United Kingdom in 1997.

When he returned, his sole possession was a motorcycle, but he was determined to start a business that would necessitate the use of automobiles.

Despite the fact that he lacked the funds to purchase the automobiles, he went to town to inquire and happened to see Uncle Seth by coincidence. Uncle Seth, whose shop was in the same building as Ibrahim’s late mother, Joyce Tamakloe, liked him and treated him as if he were an adopted son.

“I came from the UK in 1997 to start a small business and all I wanted to do was to rent one, two machines.

“When I came I didn’t have a car. I had a motorcycle. I don’t know what took me to some corner to look for a vehicle to buy and I met Uncle Seth.

“When I met Uncle Seth I didn’t have money so when I go I will laugh and talk with him. He will do me a favour by giving me the car,” he said. And the business has not looked back since that time, he said, adding that:
“The business has grown so big that I can’t even manage it alone.”



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