Akufo Addo Will Soon Have A Heart Attack – Ibrah One Prophesies

Famous Ghanaian businessman Ibrahim Daouda, also known as Ibrah One, has issued yet another prophecy concerning the current sitting President, Akufo Addo.

It can be remembered that during Kennedy Agyapong’s expose of Fake Pastors, Ibrah One used unprintable words on him, prompting Kennedy Agyapong to center his attention on him and threaten to expose and arrest him.

This compelled his family to come out publicly and declare him bipolar, implying that Ghanaians should not pay heed to him.

However, it appears that Ibrah One is abandoning his prophecies, as he has issued a severe one, saying that Ghanaians would murder Akufo Addo with their mouths because they have begun to whine bitterly about the country’s misery.

He also said that Akufo Addo will have a heart attack and die in London. Look at this.


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