My Husband Used Our Son For Money Rituals – Mother Of 3 Recounts

A Ghanaian mother of three has recounted a shocking story of how her husband used their son for money rituals.

The woman identified as Tetteh Korkor indicated that her husband wanted quick money.

In an interview with DJ Nyaami of SVTV Africa, Tetteh Korkor disclosed her husband told her about his plan to go in for money rituals but she vehemently advised against it.

She indicated that she knew the rituals would definitely require some sacrifice and as such was not comfortable.

Tetteh Korkor revealed her husband refused to heed her advice and went for the ritual.

”He came home with an item, hang it in the room, and warned us not to touch it,” she said. Subsequently, their son fell seriously ill and she came to realise the ritual was the cause. Fearing for the outcome of the unknown, Tetter Korkor left their home.

”When my son fell ill, I realised he used my son for the money ritual. So I told my parents about it, and sought help for my son.” For being a protective mother, her husband labeled her a witch for disrupting the ritual process.


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