High Hope As More Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Yield Fruits

Scientists have expressed high hope to eradicate Covid-19 as two more vaccine trials come yielding desirable fruits.

Other than the successful Russian vaccine against the virus, two projects in the UK and US have each yielded promising results in their initial phases of the experiments.

According to the Daily Sun, teams from Oxford University and the American  Pharmaceutical Company Moderna were behind the scientific researches.

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Coronavirus vaccine: Moderna was the first company to begin a human trial for a candidate vaccine against Covid-19. (AP Photo: Bill Sikes)

Reporting that their studies were showing signs of immunity, they announced the big news on July 14 via the New England Journal of Medicine Report.

The team from Oxford expressed their 80% confidence in their study saying they could have unveiled the vaccine by September 2020.

Moderna on the other hand, revealed that all the participants in their study developed antibodies, which is a really great sign.

Antibodies work hand in hand with the White Blood Cells (T cells) to fight infections.

Moderna announced that a larger phase of the trial will begin on July 27 2020 and will involve 30,000 people.

In the trial which is expected to last about a month, half of the participants will be a control group who will receive placebos.

However, it remains unknown whether or not the vaccine will be safe and cleared of doubts by then.

If it will be anything to go by, it must show that the group that would have been vaccinated would be a lot less likely to  contract the virus than those on placebos.

Additionally, experts have agreed that more than one vaccine will be required  to fight the disease as no single firm can produce sufficient amounts of doses due to the demand.


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