Homeless & Suicidal: Graphic Designer Rescued By Kenyans

A suicidal Nairobi Ngara-based graphic designer identified as Michael Kihumba has been rescued by Kenyans after his suicide note on Facebook went viral on Sunday, July 12.

According to the note, Kihumba was giving up on life after drowning in debt for a long time.

Stating that he had only two options: to go to jail or die, he asked that his children be taken care of.

“I am in Ngara. I am ready to go to jail or die tonight. Nimmoe call me,” he wrote.

Kihumba who was later on discovered to be homeless went on to apologize to a few of his close associates for what he could have done to harm himself.

“I have borrowed so much that I am tired. I am sorry about that. Help my children if you can. I’m sorry Dama, Ray, Max in UG and Mwas of Ridge House,” he wrote.

Concerned Citizens immediately went on a rescue mission and search for the designer while others tried to contact him via his cellphone which was allegedly switched off.

But that did not stop them from finding any other means to send comfort and support his way, trying to convince him not to do the deed.

1df17069 kihumba
File image of graphic designer Mike Kihumba, Source: Facebook

Later on, one Elsie tweeted that he had had a hold of Kihumba.

According to Elsie, she had succeeded at calming him down and had even offered him a roof over his head until he stabilizes.

“I managed to reach Mike and calm him down. I am willing to let him have my apartment until he is stable enough to get his own place.

She proceeded to ask other netizens to help Kihumba secure a job in his line of expertise.

“In the meantime, I need help getting him a job. Graphic design and branding. This guy is homeless. Help,” Essie wrote in a tweet.

Kihumba’s situation has since propelled more concern on matters depression and mental health in the country and more so during this really trying times with the Covid-19 pandemic.



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