Here’s How Fraudsters Are Using VIP Parcel Service To Scam People Of Their Monies

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It appears that the unscrupulous fraudsters have found a new avenue to rob unsuspecting individuals of their hard-earned monies.

From time to time, fraudsters come up with different modus operandi when the previous one becomes obvious to the public. In their new way of operation, they have targeted private transport service, VIP Jeoun.

According to a statement issued by the transport company, the perpetrators have been defrauding unsuspecting online buyers who rely on the convenience of the parcel service to receive their items.

Per the statement, these persons after claiming to have sold their booty, send random pictures of buses and fake receipts to buyers who wait anxiously for their products.

The cases of people trooping to the offices of VIP Jeoun, according to the Media Relations manager, Chris Vincent Febiri has been on the surge lately.

The company has therefore cautioned the general public to be careful in their dealings with such people.


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