Here Is Why Kenyans Stranded Abroad Will Not Be Evacuated

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Kenyans living abroad will have to remain there as the government cannot afford to facilitate their transport back home amid the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world.

On Wednesday, the Kenyan government ruled out plans to facilitate transport for Kenyans wishing to return back home, citing cost and logistical challenges.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Defence and Foreign Relations Committee, Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Amb. Macharia Kamau said it is impossible to charter flights to pick Kenyans stranded in various countries and bring them back home in the face of the current global crisis.

Amb. Macharia even went ahead and said hiring a plane is not the same as hiring a matatu.

We have 3 million Kenyans out there. If we were to evacuate just one percent, those are 30,000 people. Just imagine the logistics. Our planes will have to criss-cross the globe. Just imagine bringing 30,000 people back. Do we even have quarantine facilities?

He was quoted by Citizen.

Those asking us to send planes should know that it is difficult. Some Kenyans are Hungary, some in China, others in Italy. That means planes will be hovering all over the world. Ndege sio matatu bwana (A plane is not a matatu).

Amb. Macharia said only the US, UK, Germany and Canada have so far evacuated their people, adding that the said citizens are being transported at their own cost.


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