Here Is Why Black Americans Are Moving And Saying Ghana Is the Place to Be

Four Black entrepreneurs who relocated to Africa share why Ghana is the perfect country to move.

Ghana has become a repatriation hot-spot for many Black Americans over the last few years. For some, Ghana is a destination where worries about safety and racism are non-existent.

african americans in ghana

For others, Ghana is a place where expatriates feel they can effortlessly thrive while connecting with their ancestral roots. These ex-pats give an insight into their lives in Ghana and what has made them stay.

“I came to Ghana for work alone with no family, children, or romantic ties. I feel like I’m here because I am on a divine assignment. I always saw myself having a global career and moving around the world. Different opportunities have come up but never seemed to work out, so I am trusting God with the process,” says Erica M. Daniel, a global health professional and intimacy coach who relocated to Ghana in July 2013 for a work opportunity and has remained in the country ever since.

Daniel describes her current life in Ghana as peaceful, fun, and invigorating.

“I’m comfortable in a space that brings life to who I am, a joy to my world and my being. What I love most about Ghana is the simplicity of life and the happiness I choose to experience in my life here. I am employed and have other businesses I am elevating.”

While building a life in Ghana, Daniel has been making a name for herself as an entrepreneur. One of her businesses, For the Love of Fufu, curates unique experiences intended to promote social engagement. As explained on her site,

“Fufu, originally a Ghanaian traditional meal served in various West African countries as well, is often a communal meal shared among family and friends. The spirit of fufu brings everyone together in a respectful and joyful way. This platform is committed to maintaining the spirit of fufu in bringing like-minded people together to meet, engage and develop long-lasting memories.”

Experiences include everything from sex toy parties to intimacy coaching and speed dating. Daniel says she encourages other Black Americans to visit Ghana but dig deeper into their “why” while deciding if Ghana is for them.

“The culture and history are undeniable. When coming to Ghana, my suggestion is to experience the culture. Go to the castles and understand what our ancestors went through in that space,” suggests Daniel.

“Come and understand what real Black culture looks like, what adinkra symbols mean, the value of a naming ceremony, etc. Don’t just come to enjoy the lights and parties. There is so much here to celebrate.”

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