Here Are Some Funny Excuses Ghanaians Are Giving Law Enforcers At Lockdown Checkpoints In Accra

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Ghanaians are so stubborn that this lockdown cannot hold them indoors.

The lockdown which is a strategy by the government to limit the spread of the ravaging coronavirus came into effect on March 30. Places affected are Tema, Accra and Kumasi.

The instructions were that if anyone had no pressing need, they are to stay indoors yet some Ghanaians do not want to heed to it.

1. Going to buy earpiece/earphones

Police at Nima Highstreet checkpoint intercepted a Troskie and carried out their mandated tasks. The van was spaced alright and some passengers gave reasons for their journey. Funny enough, one of them told the enforcers, he was going to Circle to by earphones.

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2. Got a call that a family member is dead

Somewhere at Osu, a man clad in black was asked to go back home after he told the police he had a family emergency. It almost turned into an altercation at the checkpoint a UTV reporter told TK on Adekye Nsoroma.

3. Going for ‘chop money’ from dad

Enforcers at Ashaiman checkpoint are reportedly having a hard time doing their job as the indigenes give convincing excuses to get a pass. Some have a strip of paracetamol and a bottle of cough syrup to feign returning from a pharmacy. One teenager who was stopped said he’s going to see his father for chop money.

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4. Coming out to see how the atmosphere looks like

Though this may sound like a joke, it really happened. This happened at a Nima checkpoint. This is a woman interviewed by UTV’s Agya Kwabena at CMB in Accra. She said, “I’ve been home for three days and heard the police are working in town so I came out to see if it’s true.”

5. I know my rights

Enforcers at Nsawam Junction are also having it difficult to control the indigenes. According to commuters, Nsawam is not part of Greater Accra so the lockdown does not apply to them. They were quick to use the popular cliche “I know my rights.” They suggested the checkpoint should rather be mounted at Dobro.

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