Health Workers Traumatized After Being Tortured By Soldiers At Dome Faase

About 26 health workers of Obom Health Center in Dome Faase in the Greater Accra region have allegedly been tortured following a military raid in the community

This comes after the military deployed officers to the area in a bid to search for the perpetrators, who allegedly inflicted cutlass wounds on two military men during a clash over a piece of land.

“I had a call that there was a heavy military presence in the community picking up every able man and woman. They (the military) said they were here until they got the missing guns of their assaulted officers,” administrator of the health facility, Adam Abdul Rahman told Adom News.

He stated that there were gunshots which created fear among the residents, many of whom run to the nearby towns after the raid.

During the arrest of some civilians, some of the hospital staff received series slaps from the military personnel, he claimed.

Mr Abdul Rahman revealed that some of the health workers were also arrested mistaken by the officers after many residents began claiming they were hospital staff to avoid arrest.

“We have been able to talk to them and they have assured us that none of our staff will be affected anymore.”

Two health workers who were injured during the altercation have been admitted. Meanwhile, the presence of the military has scared of other workers who are scared to work.

Mr Abdul Rahman said he appealed to the military men to temper justice with mercy especially since workers are leaving in fear.

“Those who did this maybe they were just few but It has affected everyone in the community. No business is running now in the whole town.”

Meanwhile, sources close to the military high command indicates that one of the military guns have been found with one of the youth.

The search for the second one is still on.

Source: Joy News


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