Group Kenya Mysteriously Disappears From Facebook

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A popular Kenyan Facebook group with more than 2.1 Million members has mysteriously disappeared from the platform.

It is not clear what prompted the group to be brought down, although it is reported that several of its users reported the page for “Objectionable Content”, which contravenes the social media platform’s community standards.

According to Facebook’s terms and conditions, objectionable content includes hate speech, violent and graphic content, adult nudity and sexual activity, sexual solicitation, and insensitive content.

The social networking site says it holds the rights of pulling down a page’s post(s) that flouts any of its Community Standards.

“People can report potentially violating content, including Pages, Groups, Profiles, individual content, and comments,”

says Facebook.

The founder of the group, known as Timoth Sem, hails from Migori, and is trying to appeal to Facebook to have the group reinstated. A couple of groups under the same name “Group Kenya’ have already sprung up since today morning.

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