Gifty Powers Says Ghana Should Be Called The Giant Of Africa Not Nigeria

Gifty Powers, a former contestant on the popular reality TV show Big Brother Naija has opined that Ghana should be called the giant of Africa as against Nigeria that currently lays claim to the name.

Gifty who schooled in Accra, Ghana before returning to Nigeria to pursue her dreams believes that Nigeria is not deserving of the title because Ghana is always ahead of Nigeria in some critical sectors.

Taking to social media to share her thoughts, she laments the poor leadership that is currently leading Nigeria to rot while praising Ghanaians for “using their heads and not with their belly/selfish interest.”

Citing issues such as corruption, terrorism and other social vices as problems hindering Nigeria’s infrastructural and economic development, she wrote:

“Ghana should be called the giant of Africa, not Nigeria.

Every country does politics (corruption), I get it, Ghana hides theirs but Nigeria opens theirs like say na we own the Galaxy, say nothing fit happen. Like say na we own “ODESHI”. No respect at all. SMH.

Why can’t our government for once just forget about their stomachs and f***ing put things straight in this country.

“It’s annoying when i see people, especially foreigners, talking good about some African countries, and when Nigeria is mentioned in the topic, they’ll be like, ‘hell nooo, not Nigeria. You people scam all the time’… It’s f***ing annoying.”

To change the negative perception of Nigeria, Gifty advised:

“Person wey dey steal regularly no dey tell person say e dey thief. He tells people that he is a business man.

“Make we dey hide our yansh small naa. Imagine a whole giant of Africa is banned from entering USA. SMH. Kpele ooo we really do have a long way to go.”


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