Ghanaians Roast Akufo Addo Mercilessly Over ‘Ghana Award House”

Just yesterday 7th April 2021, President Nana Addo updated his followers on social media that he has cut sod for the construction of a ‘Ghana Award House’ which will cost around GHS5million.

This building would serve as the new administrative building for the Head of State Award Scheme.

Speaking at the sod-cutting ceremony, President Akufo-Addo explained that since its inception in 1967, the Head of State Award Scheme has challenged and touched the lives of many young Ghanaians, with some 750,000 young people participating and benefitting from the Scheme.

“I have always been excited about the work being done by the Award Scheme, and that is why I continue to urge them to ensure that as many young Ghanaians as possible benefit from it. To achieve this ambitious target, a befitting administrative office for the Scheme will be required. The provision of a Ghana Award House, to serve this purpose, is my commitment towards driving the agenda of the Award Scheme,” the President said.

Well, some Ghanaians are not happy with the President’s decision to build a Ghana Award House.

Comments on social media sees people saying that it is a waste of money as there are other pressing issues that should be fixed first.

Some mentioned that people in the North do not have potable water and that needs fixing.

Others also said some pupils in Government schools do not have adequate furniture such as desks on which they can learn.

So instead of using GHS5Million for an award house, that money should rather be channelled into solving issues that are necessary.

Below are tweets of some of the concerns expressed by people:

Ghanaians blast Ghanaians blast 3 Ghanaians blast 2


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