We Will Rather Die Than Take COVID-19 Vaccine – Ghanaians Say In Latest Survey

As  we all know, vaccine for the COVID-19 is already out and various countries especially in Europe have begun administering shots of the vaccine to its citizens.

Interesting the vaccine, which is expected to be the most priceless commodity in the world amid the deadly pandemic, perceptions about it seems not to be too good.

All over the world, there has been a divide on the vaccine as one school of though believe it is harmful whereas another faction believe it is good.

Ghanaians are no exception as a survey carried out by Yen Ghana suggests that a lot of Ghanaians are not ready to be vaccinated.

One man said the ministers who have contracted the COVID-19 disease should first be given the vaccine and if they had no side effects they can then go ahead to administer the drug to ordinary Ghanaians.

Another young man who is obviously in his early 30s said he will not receive the vaccine if it arrives. His reason was quite primitive and backward thinking. According to him, the white people were not people to be trusted since they are trying to form their inventions on us as if to say we were lab rats.

His other reason was simply because the herbal medicine which was allegedly developed by Ghanaian herbalists have not yet been approved. He ignorantly said if the virus would kill him for not taking the vaccine, then he is ever ready to die.

Out of ignorance an educated looking young lady who is expected to know better to educate the older ones said she together with the members of her family will not take the vaccine because they do not know the originality of the virus.

To another young lady, seeing is believing. According to her, she has not seen anyone who has gotten the virus and then recovered. She also added that she does not trust the source of the vaccines therefore she will not take it.


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