Ghanaians Are Convinced Pieces Of Hair Found In Their Bible Is The Cure To Coronavirus

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A new myth sweeping across the country has it that strands of human hair found between pages of the holy book are the cure to the novel coronavirus.

The source of this so-called prophecy is unknown but has managed to reach a large number of Ghanaians who are desperate to see the outbreak disappear.

Whilst some say a little girl fell unconscious after the National Fasting and Prayer day which was held on Wednesday, March 25, others also say the prophecy is sourced from a prophet.

The direction of the prophecy is to find a strand of human hair in the middle of pages in the bible, put it in water and drink it.

hair in bible myth

This took social media by storm and many users went on the mission to find the miracle hair:

However, there were others who saw it as nothing but a myth.

As usual, I have questions of my own: could it be that a fallen hair may have landed in the bible when they read it? Why is it found only in old bibles and not new ones?

Did you find one too?




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