I’m A Mechanic In The US But I Make More Money Than A Doctor In Ghana

Ibrahim Mumuni, a Ghanaian mechanic who relocated to the United States of America, has indicated that he currently makes more money than a minister in Ghana. In an interview with Kofi TV, the Ghanaian diasporan categorically mentioned that although he works as a blue-collar worker, he is able to travel back to Ghana anytime he wills.

“Whenever I come to Ghana, I visit the best tourist attractions and make my stay a very memorable one before coming back to continue my work in the US,” he mentioned.

However, Ibrahim sent a word of caution to Ghanaians who hold the impression that life will get automatically better once they traveled outside Ghana, particularly to the US.

“Things work much better here but the thing about America is, if you are not very hardworking, you will end up being homeless when you come here,” he added.

Ibrahim Mumuni, Ghanaian mechanic in the US shares his story:


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