Ghana Secures $1.3 Billion Loan To Fight Climate Change

The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) on Thursday pledged to help Ghana secure at least 1.3 billion U.S. dollars to implement its climate adaptation programs.

It was important for the West African country to secure funding for its roadmap for adaptation through building resilient infrastructure to mitigate the dire consequences of climate change, Patrick Verkooijen, Chief Executive Officer of the GCA, said at a press conference.

ghana climate change

GCA had already worked with Ghana to develop a resilient infrastructure framework, helping the country build infrastructure to supply water, create energy efficiency and expand transportation, creating associated jobs, Verkooijen said.

He said Ghana and other African countries need funding immediately to invest in adaptation and build resilience towards the future.

“There is no alternative than a climate resilience and a climate-smart development pathway because climate and development are two sides of the same coin. You cannot develop and create jobs without taking the climate risks, the physical risk of droughts, floods and storms of today and tomorrow into account,” Verkooijen added


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