During a storm in Accra, a policeman took it upon himself to direct traffic in the heavy rain when most people were afraid to even step out.

A passerby who was touched by this act of kindness decided to take pictures of him to share on social media. The photos went viral on social media instantly, many commended the police man for his good works.

As the saying goes, one good turn deserves another, a Facebook friend by the name Yussuf Bouda decided to take it upon himself to find him at all cost and truly his mission was accomplished.

He was found to be part of the Madina Divisional Police Headquarters and goes by the name Azure Joshua. If you wish to thank him or show your gratitude for what he did with a gift or donation, you can contact him on 0249223022.

Below are pictures of him when he was directing the traffic.

1. The photos that went viral









And these are the pictures of him when he was found at his office at the Madina Divisional Police Headquarters.







Madina Police HQ


He really needs to be rewarded. Kudos for the good works and setting an example for the Ghana Police force, considering their bad reputation.