Kwame Sefa Kayi Reveals That Ghana Imports Old Newspapers For Wrapping Purposes

Ghana’s economic woes is caused by many factors and according to the host of Peace FM’s Kokrokoo and his panellists, the country’s over-dependence on imported stuff including old newspapers is one of these factors.

Article by Ms P

On the August 9, 2022, edition of the show, Kwame Sefa Kayi and his panellists, Kwesi Pratt Jnr, Opanyin Agyekum and Nana Akomea, spent close to five minutes talking about how old newspapers are imported into the country just for the purposes of wrapping food items and some other things.

“Do you know we import old newspapers in this country?” Sefa Kayi asked Kwesi Pratt who had earlier expressed shock in Ghana being the third biggest importer of tomato paste from Germany.

Going further to read a message from a listener of the show, Sefa Kayi said

“We import old newspapers with our dollar. Go to Lapaz right now, there’s a 40-footer container offloading old newspapers.”

Nana Akomea who was shocked to hear this said if the purpose was to wrap food items, then traders can use locally produced newspapers.

“Every day you have over twenty newspapers here in your studio, why don’t they come for some,” Nana Akomea said.

Adding his voice to the issue, Opanyin Agyekum explained why Ghanaians prefer the imported newspapers

“While I was schooling in Russia, I witnessed some Ghanaians gathering old newspapers. Their newspapers are wider than ours so Ghanaians believe those ones can wrap items better.”

Coupled with the ink used in printing newspapers, the panellists noted that the long period exporters spend to gather a container full of these newspapers, as well as the duration the papers spend on the sea during shipping, was worrisome and posed danger to one’s health.

Guinea fowls and bottled water are things the panellists pointed out were also imported.

“This is our problem. It is all part of the reasons our economy is not going well,” Kwesi Pratt stated.

For Opnyin Agyekum, “the quest to live big is what is killing us the most.”



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