Ghana Card Will Not Replace Passports – NIA Rubbishes Recent Rumors

The National Identification Authority, NIA, has cleared the air of rumors that the Ghana Card will be used in place of a passport.

This explanation follows proposals that Ghana switch from a passport to the Ghana Card as a mode of transportation.

According to a CitiNews article, the NIA’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Abudu Abdul Ganiyu, stated that just because the card has certain passport information does not imply it would replace it.

“There is a portion for individual passport information on the Ghana Card that can facilitate the purpose of travel, but it doesn’t mean that the Ghana Card is going to replace the passport,”

he explained. He further explained that when traveling within the West African subregion access and passage are made easy when one has the card for identification.

“Within the West African sub region at the moment, once you carry your Ghana passport, at every checking point, they can easily look at the Ghana card and once they are able to establish your identity, they will allow you to cross the border,”he said. \


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