2016 is almost over and we all can’t help but love what made us laugh.

We don’t know what 2017 will bring but we’re hopeful of joyous moments. Before then, let’s reflect on the bizarrely insane moments that took our attention in 2016.

1. Kunkum Bhagya

This television show was everywhere. People who have never seen a scene from the show have heard the title so many times in 2016 than the shows they actually watch.


Photo: YouTube


2. Kennedy Agypong vs Afia Schwarzenegger

This war of words was epic. Both Kennedy and Afia said some things. And we heard some very terrible things. Terrible things that cannot be unheard.

Bright Tetteh Ackwerh/Facebook


3. Mannequin Challenge

How did this even get that popular in Ghana? Everybody was doing it so we had to.


4. Y3w) Krom Played At Apple’s WWDC Event

Atom, y3w) krom! Ghana on the world map.


5. Sarkodie vs Manifest

There’s nothing better than a celebrity fight. This one had an added class because it was done with music. There’s still a debate about who won though. #GodMCorKanta

sarkodie and manifest

Photo: Sarkodie1/Instagram Manifest/Instagram


6. Samira Bawumia

There has never been a woman in Ghana whose beauty has been accepted by all. Haters can’t even say it’s makeup. Samira, you do all!

Samira Bawumia


7. Kempinski’s Gari Soakings

Cassava flakes, smoked nuts, sugar, ice cube milk, fresh skimmed milk, water, shaved coconuts for 145 Ghana Cedis. Lmao!


8. One This, One That Slogan

Following president-elect, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s comments of one village, one dam and one district, one factory during his campaign, it became a thing.

Even people started propagating the agenda ‘one person, one bae’. How dare you?

nana akufo addo


9. Comfortable Lead

If you’re not Ghanaian, it’s not what you’re thinking. In Ghana, trailing is the new comfortable lead. When someone tells you I’m in a comfortable lead after an exam, it means they failed.

PS: ‘Comfortable lead’ emerged from the incumbent government’s press release during the 2016 general elections.

president mahama concession speech

Photo: Flagstaffhouse


10. Jake The Meme Boy

Jake wrote letters, sent warnings, gave advice and did practically everything. Jake was the real hero in the 2016 meme world.


11. Kalyppo Craze

This needs no reflection because you did some. We know this.

kufuor kalyppo


12. Rahida Black Beauty And Kushmai

Kushmai left Rashida for Abigail. Rashida bore wey she make video insult Kushmai rof rof. Video goes viral. Rashida gets award nomination alongside Ghana’s president, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama. Story of 2016. Bam!

13. Onaapo

From a campaign song of the incumbent government to being the winning song of the incoming government, Onaapo is the official Christmas song for 2016.

As a word too, Onaapo can be used anywhere in a sentence and will still make sense. Try it! Onaapo!

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