Illegal mining aka. galamsey has been going since we found precious metals on our land. It has made some people very wealthy at the expense of our environment.

Ghana’s mining laws require that mining companies treat the water used for mining activities before it is discharged into the environment, but for illegal miners, water bodies are the centre of their operations, a situation that makes communities living along rivers vulnerable to the effects of the dangerous chemicals used.

1. This is very bad.

Galamsey Must End Now #bangalamsey

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2. River Pra

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3. These are the water we have to treat at our water treatment plants.


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5. 😳

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6. No, this is not a movie.

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7. The other side of River Pra.


8. The Beposo Suspension bridge.

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9. Our lands are no more.

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10. Our famrs.

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11. At Akim Oda.


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13. Wasa Amenfi, Western Region.


14. Gyapa on the Ayanfuri-Bogoso rd.


15. Just look at the water bodies our fishermen have to fish from.

This Video Of A Galamsey Guru Showing Ghanaians Illegal Mining Is Going Viral.