Gabon Military Installs Ali Bongo’s Cousin As Transitional President

Coup leaders in Gabon have installed General Brice Clotaire Oligui-Nguema as the transitional President.

The announcement followed the ouster of the president early Wednesday by mutinous soldiers who placed him under house arrest. 

Nguema, the coup leader, is said to be deposed President Ali Bongo’s cousin. 

General Nguema appointed as transitional president of Gabon following the  coup

Following the ouster, Bongo sent out a passionate appeal to the global community whom he termed as friends to “make noise” about the mutiny.

“I’m to send a message to all friends that we have all over the world to tell them to make noise for the people here have arrested me and my family,” he said.

The coup leaders said in a televised statement read out on State TV that they had put forward the head of the presidential guard as the leader of the transition.

The officers also said they had dissolved all state institutions, including the constitutional court and parliament, and that they had shut the country’s borders.

The seizure of power came shortly after the announcement of the country’s presidential poll results which Bongo won a third seven-year term.

The coup leaders cancelled the elections held on Saturday and the results of the presidential polls which Bongo won with 64.27 per cent of the vote.

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