Fulanis Are Also Humans And Deserve Better Treatment – Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama has called for an end to stereotype against the Fulani ethnic group in Ghana.

Fulanis, he said, have lived in Ghana long before independence and have contributed to the economic progress of the country in many sectors.

“The Fulani people have been a part of this dear nation of ours before and after independence and they contribute to the economic progress of Ghana in many sectors. People of Fulani extraction contribute in many capacities in areas of civil service, in academia, in business, the judiciary, commerce and industry, unfortunately as a result of psychological stereotype, there’s an unfortunate perception that all Fulanis are herdsmen”.

He lamented how Fulanis, in general, have been tagged as “criminals” indicating that crime has no specific ethnic group.

Mr. Mahama also noted that it was regrettable to blame every armed robbery case in Ghana on Fulanis and called on Ghanaians to work together to end such stereotypes.

“Unfortunately this stereotype is not restricted to only being herds people but it is also regrettable that this perception has gained grounds that ascribe incidence of robbery to persons of Fulani ethnicity. In the incidence of armed robbery, we find people of different ethnicities involved and yet there’s this unfortunate tagging of Fulanis to this menace. This stereotyping must stop, criminals are criminals and ethnicities and stereotyping of crimes must stop” He said.

Speaking at the 9th Tabittal Pulaaku International annual Dua conference at Buipe in the Savannah region, Mr Mahama indicated that Fulanis deserve better treatment than they get currently and the next NDC government will ensure that.

Mr. Mahama said the NDC will enhance and provide education for Fulani communities in Ghana.

He noted that their citizenship as Ghanaians is not arguable and therefore must enjoy all benefits enjoyed by “Ghanaians“.

The NDC flagbearer also said specific grazing zones with water bodies will be provided for cattle grazing to end farmer-header conflicts in the country.

The Tabittal Pulaaku annual dua conference is a conference which brings together Fulanis around the globe to pray and counsel each other on good behaviour in their various countries.

This year’s annual dual was on the theme “Peaceful prayer towards election 2020 and beyond”.

Source: Starr FM


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