Outgoing French Ambassador Says She’s Looking For A Ghanaian Man To Marry

The outgoing French Ambassador To Ghana, Anne-Sophie Avé has opened up about her romantic side as a diplomat.

She appears to have fallen in love with the culture, lifestyle and loving Ghanaian men as she hopes a Ghanaian man takes her as a wife.

Anne-Sophie Avé ghana

Her Excellency Anne-Sophie Ave had opened up on her relationship standing during an interview when she recognized how she wants to marry a Ghanaian if it occurs that the person is absolutely the chosen one.

According to HE. Anne- Sophie, she thinks of getting married to a Ghanaian man if she falls in love with him.

She made this revelation throughout an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay Fm, where she mentioned “why won’t I marry a Ghanaian?”.

“If I meet the man of my life in Ghana, I will certainly marry a Ghanaian. Ghanaians have been so sweet and nice to me. If I ever fall in love with any of them, I won’t hesitate to get married to either of them,” the 54-year old diplomat joyfully said.


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