FG Seals Chinese Restaurant For Refusing To Serve Nigerians

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The Federal Government has closed Haufei Restaurant and Mall, a Chinese eatery in Lagos State, for refusing to serve Nigerians.

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, said the staff of the restaurant, located on 33 Aboyade Close, Victoria Island, admitted that it was the business policy of the owners.

The temerity of being racist in our very own land! Serves them right!

“ FCCPC has closed Haufei restaurant and Mall, 33 Aboyade Cole, VI, based on credible intelligence and surveillance that the business declines service to Nigerians. Staff of the business admitted this is the policy and our operatives experienced same. Both now closed for further regulatory action,”

Nigerians are appalled at the ridiculous policy of the chinese establishment.

A nigerian bystander said,

I don’t understand how this is even possible. It is a recent policy made by the proprietor and the chef (who only spoke Mandarin) could not give us a reason why we could not sit and have a meal”


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