Ghanaian Female Pilot Applauded For Landing Safely In Chaotic Weather (Video)

There was a frenzy at an arrival hall at the Kotoka International Airport where passengers aboard the flight OP157 waited to cheer on the captain who had just saved their lives on Tuesday night.

Flight OP157 had encountered bad weather on its approach to Accra. The Pilot-in-Command (PIC) was the sensational and experienced Captain Eva Gichuru.

The flight, scheduled to touch down in Accra at 20:10 pm, was not cleared for landing by the control tower due to the heavy downpour and lightning over the city.

It was held up, circling for close to an hour until 21:02 pm when Captain Gichuru landed safely at Kotoka International Airport.

Passengers on the flight expressed appreciation to the flight deck crew, especially Captain Gichuru, on arrival.


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