Family Disowns Serial Killer Masten Wanjala & Says They Will Not Bury Him

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Kenyans have shared their say on social media in the wake of reports the family of self-confessed serial killer Masten Wanjala who was recently lynched by a mob is not ready to bury him for fear of attracting a curse.

According to Mukhweya Assistant Chief Abiud Musungu, the family has changed tune on burying their kin and needed more time to think things through.

“The family changed tune suddenly and disowned the serial killer immediately he was lynched. His father had asked for forgiveness on behalf of his son from the families of the victims…and even asked the State to give him the body to bury,” explained the government official.

The family now says Masten Wanjala’s escape from Jogoo Road Police Station in Nairobi was quite suspicious since he was under heavy police escort during his last visit to his village about two months ago immediately after his arrest.

Nairobi News has also established that Wanjala’s family could sue the government over his death.

“We know that our son had wronged many families, and it was just prudent that the police arraigned him in court and have him charged for the families of the victims to get justice,” the source said.

Wanjala who confessed to killing 12 children, allegedly escaped from Nairobi’s Jogoo Road Police Station hours before he was set to take the plea.

Masten Wanjala would later be lynched by an angry mob in Bungoma.

Source: NairobiNews 

Panic As Suspected Serial Killer Escapes From Police Custody


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