Woman Falls Out Of Window Of Car Traveling Down Highway While Filming Snapchat Video

A woman recently fell out a car moving at highway speed onto one of London’s motorways while hanging out of the window to film a Snapchat video.

The incident happened recently outside of London.

The unnamed woman was a passenger in a car on the M25 motorway, one of Britain’s busiest highways.

While filming a selfie video on Snapchat while hanging outside the window with a caption that read “i need to stop doing this 110mph imma end up dead,” the woman fell out of the window onto the roadway.

Remarkably, despite falling out of the car at night while not wearing any sort of protective clothing or gear, the woman was not struck by any other vehicles or seriously injured. She was treated at the scene by paramedics.

It is only the latest in a seemingly increasingly common trend of stories involving risky behavior and selfies, and sadly, these stories do not always end with such lucky outcomes.


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