Fake Lawyer Arrested In Techiman Speaks For The First Time

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The trial judge of a Techiman Circuit Court on Thursday had a lawyer arrested in the middle of proceedings on grounds of impersonation. The lawyer who sought bail for his clients ended himself up behind bars.

His Lordship Justice Alexander Graham demanded the particulars of the self-styled lawyer following a keen observation but counsel failed to provide the information, hence his arrest.

The suspect identified as Iddrisu Yahaya, according to findings, is a Junior High School teacher who was paid an amount of Ghc25,000 to defend four gentlemen who have been charged with robbery and kidnapping to seek for bail for them.

A cuffed Iddrisu insisted he is a lawyer from a private law school in Ghana called Maranatha University College, however, his learned colleagues opined that there is only one institution which belongs to the state that trains lawyers.

He told Joy News that he passed out in September 2019 and had been practising law for almost two years but basic arithmetics will prove that is not the case. After his conflict with arithmetics, Iddrisu went on to say this case was his third one.

Chief Superintendent Bossman of the Techiman Police cautioned the general public to beware of “people of such nature.” He added that anyone in search of the services of a lawyer should go to the chambers or the court and they would be given one.

Watch this exclusive interview by Joy News.


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