Ezekiel Mutua Criticizes Ssaru’s Song ‘Kaskie Vibaya’

MCSK Boss Ezekiel Mutua has criticised popular hit song by Fathermoh and Ssaru ‘Kaskie Vibaya Huko Kwenu’.

Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve, the Music Copyright Society of Kenya CEO called out musicians for creating songs that lack morals. He added that the particular song does not inspire but show cultural and moral decadence in society.

“People are going through a lot.Did you hear the song about the lady singing about ‘Niko napesa na ni ya babako? The song is about this girl who is singing to the ex- boyfriend and she says now I’m dating your father and nikona pesa na ni ya babako nenda ukasikie vibaya huko. I’m like alright what are you telling my daughter? Really.”

Ezekiel Mutua and Kaskie vibaya hitmakers Ssaru and Fathermoh

Ezekiel Mutua went ahead to advise secular artists to compose songs that don’t promote hate or prey on the morals of the society.

“I don’t mean that secular artists should not sing that but those are not the kind of things we want to promote as a way of life. Do not promote hate, Be the light and the peace of mind needed in the world. Rather than get likes that do not translate to wealth. Let us have an introspection.”

He explained that musicians should strive towards creating music that inspires, motivates, educates and gives a sense of hope with entertainment being a constant factor.

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