President Uhuru Saves Kenyan Boy Stuck In India Over Ksh3.5 million Surgery Bill

President Uhuru has responded to the cry of the 4-and-a half-year-old Ethan Macharia.

Ethan Macharia is currently in India for treatment for brain surgery and desperately needed Ksh3.5 million to foot his hospital bills.

He wrote an emotional letter to the President and Kenyans at large on Thursday, February 20.

Ethan Macharia letter

Lo and behold President Uhuru has come to his aid by way of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In a tweet on Friday, February 28, the office of Foreign Affairs announced the President’s donation:

Ethan Macharia president uhuru

Ethan’s mother explained that:

“My son was leading a normal life until the unfortunate incident that changed our lives forever. We have spent the last 14 months trying to raise money for what doctors call a Palliative VNS surgery that’s supposed to suppress his daily seizures as a result of the fall.

This is the second time we are here in the last 14 months and we couldn’t raise enough money the first time.

According to Ethan’s -kenyadoctors in India, the VNS surgery is extremely important for Ethan as the seizures are unable to be controlled even with multiple drugs.


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