Ernesto Yeboah Released After Black Lives Matter Vigil Arrest

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Leader of the Economic Fighters League, Ernesto Yeboah has been released from police custody after he was arrested during the Black Lives Matter vigil.

Mr. Yeboah was arrested and detained at the Accra Central Police Station after the police and military disrupted a vigil they were organizing at the Black Stars Square on Saturday.

According to the police, the vigil, which they described as a protest was not authorized.

However, organizers of the vigil produced evidence indicating they appropriately notified the police in line with the Public Order Act.

A day after, Mr. Yeboah is seen in a video announcing his release.

He says, his continuous arrest will not discourage him from seeking freedom for Africans and the continent.

“The handcuffs are off. But as I keep saying, do not be afraid of the handcuff. It is with the handcuff that we will seek our freedom. It is with the handcuff that Africa shall unite. It is with the handcuff that we shall access economic freedom in our lifetime,” he said.

It is, however, unclear what charges the police will be pressing against him in court.

Meanwhile, in Citi News interview, Hardi Yakubu, Fighter-General of the Economic Fighters League described his (Ernesto Yeboah) as unlawful.

“Yes, he has been released. They charged him a failure to notify police office special events and failure to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. They kept contradicting themselves. First, they said we didn’t notify them and then they later came and said we notified them but on short notice and the Regional Commander came and said he saw the letter but he was expecting a follow-up but nobody followed up.

He is fine, he is going to rest and then we plan the next move. They said they are going to process him for court so our lawyers are keeping their fingers crossed and we are waiting for what will happen on Monday.

We are definitely happy he is been released but of course, the circumstances surrounding his kidnap by the police and unlawful detention leaves much to be desired,” he said.

ernesto yeboah arrested at black lives matter vigil
Ernesto Yeboah, leader of Economic Fighters League was arrested at a Black Lives Matter vigil organized by himself. Photo: CitiNewsRoom

#BlackLivesMatter vigil patrons demand the immediate release of Ernesto Yeboah

Earlier, some of the protesters who were angry over the disruption of their vigil and subsequent arrest of Ernesto Yeboah marched to the premises of Citi FM to express their anger.

The supporters of the vigil further demanded the immediate release of their leader.

“The Ghana we live in today does not value black lives. A Ghana that sends armed policemen on unarmed innocent protestors. So we have come to Citi FM demanding that our leader who has been illegally arrested for organizing a Black Lives Matter vigil be released.”

“This incorrigible madness that has happened is something that the whole world must hear and if any of these misleaders of us go around on the world trumpeting Pan-Africanism must be seen through their lies and who they are,” Arimiyaw Usama, a member of Economic Fighters League told Citi News‘ Richard Mensah.

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