Embu: Determined Boy Reports To Kangaru Boys With Cock For Form One Admission

A student from Embu county caught teachers by surprise after reporting to Kangaru Boys high school for Form One admission with a cock to cater for his school fees.

The student, Lawrence Murimi, was selected to join Kangaru school after scoring 313 marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). Murimi was set to report to the school on May 4th but turned up two weeks later due to lack of school fees.

Murimi is said to have woken up today and told his mother that he could not continue staying at home while his designated classmates were going on with their studies. He resolved to use what was available to cater for his fees.

Kang'aru School

The determined Murimi took the cock, tied it, dressed in his former primary school uniform and took textbooks he was using in the primary school then urged his mother to accompany him to his dream school.

Murimi in the company of his hopeless mother trekked for two kilometres, from Majengo estate in Embu town, to seek the county commissioner’s audience but they did not find him.

They then proceeded to Kangaru school with their cock hoping to secure admission.

Upon reaching the school, the duo went straight to the school principal’s office for admission but were turned away.

They said the school head told them that the student could not be admitted because he had nothing including his personal items.

“We were told that Murimi could not be admitted due to lack of school fees and so we went back with our cock. We had hoped that the school would take the cock and allow Murimi in class,” Murimi’s mother said.

Murimi has appealed to well-wishers to come to his rescue.

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