John Dumelo Calls For An eLevy Demo “The Charges Are Too Much”

According to John Dumelo, if dumsor necessitated a protest, celebrities should keep the same energy and speak up against the ‘outrageous’ e-levy tax charges.

John Dumelo OMG

The member of parliament aspirant, who was unhappy with the amount of e-levy charges he paid, is firmly protesting the Electronic-levy.

“Today, I sent momo worth almost 5,000 to pay the farmworkers. Do you know how much e-levy I paid? Almost 70-something cedi. If I have to pay such an amount every day, I will be paying 70 cedis every day. It is serious. It’s not good.”

John Dumelo also back-peddled to say that such an action would be useless because the current government would not listen to the people.

“We can do it, but the people there will not listen. So it will be for nothing. My point is these people (NPP government), you can do it tomorrow, walk naked from here to Agboloshie (throws hands up in a helpless manner),” he told AdomTV.

Earlier, John Dumelo chastised Yvonne Nelson for spearheading the Dumsor demo. He called it unnecessary because EX-President Mahama promised to fix it.

He also said that the ex-president listening to the people and fixing the dumsor problem shows the difference between the NPP and NDC.


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