This Angry Elephant Flips Over Car While Family Was Still Inside In Viral Video

Elephants are known to be gentle giants, but when they are angry, they can be extremely dangerous and destructive. A video going viral on social which features some spine-chilling scenes as an angry elephant flips a car while a family was still inside.

The incident took place in iSimangaliso Wetland Park, in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Nata province, when an elephant charged a family of four — two kids and their parents, New York Post reported citing Newsflash report.

In the terrifying clip, shot by fellow motorists, the enraged elephant is seen upending their white Ford SUV.

The elephant didn’t stop at just flipping the car, as it kept on pushing it out of the way. After a while, the elephant left the spot. Some rangers arrived there to rescue the occupants of the car.

They were summoned by calls from the following car who had also recorded the video.

“At midday yesterday (Sunday) iSimangaliso Wetland Park officials were alerted to an incident of an elephant pushing a vehicle that had two adults and children inside. Park officials responded to the incident and rescued the family,” said the statement.

The authorities emphasised that such incidents were not a common occurrence at the park, and said they were grateful that no one was injured.

“We wish to caution our visitors to always remain vigilant and keep to a distance of at least 50 metres from wildlife, particularly the big five. Human-wildlife conflicts can and do happen since these animals are wild, and roaming freely in the park. Following investigation into the incident by management, no action will be taken against the elephant in question,” the statement added.


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