Ejura Shooting: We Don’t Tolerate Nonsense Like The Police – Military Justifies Shooting

The military’s harsh stance during the Ejura protest was defended by Lt. Col. Kwasi Ware Peprah, Commanding Officer of the 4th Infantry Battalion.

On Tuesday, June 29, 2021, security officers shot and killed two persons who were among a group of young people protesting in response to the killing of activist Ibrahim’ Kaaka’ Mohammed.

Speaking before a committee investigating the deaths, Peprah explained why the methods of troops varied from those of the police.

“Our primary role in internal security operations is to help police or civil authorities maintain law and order. The other one is to restore law and order,” said Lt. Col. Kwasi Ware Peprah when he took his turn before the committee on Wednesday, July 7, 2021.

“The restoration comes in when the police is overwhelmed. It means the police has pampered you, used the appropriate measures and you are still not listening. When the military comes in, force must be applied. We cannot adopt the same measure that the police adopted but we have to go a little further because that was used and you are still out of control.”


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