Video: Drunk Cop Escapes Death After Crashing Police Vehicle

A drunk police officer narrowly escaped death after he crashed the police vehicle he was driving on July 15 in Nakuru County.

A video that surfaced online shows the Toyota Land Cruiser jammed up into a fence, while in it, a seemingly very drank cop.

On-lookers raced to the scene with some trying to hold back the officer from getting back into the car.

He wanted to proceed to drive away in it but the residents at the scene, most of whom were bodaboda riders urged him to accept their assistance.

“It is better to lock it, then we help you. God has helped you so let another person assist you,” one resident present at the scene told the cop.

His face was injured and had blood oozing profusely from the injuries as he struggled to find balance.

The cop is said to be one of those at Kiptagich Police Station in the county.

Here is the video:


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