This Driver Asked A Police Officer To Sanitize Her Hands Before She Could Inspect His Licence

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It looks like when the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo said “these are not ordinary times,” this MTTD officer either did not get it or thinks she is immune to the Rona.

As the world battles the dreadful coronavirus, the World Health Organization advises that we sanitize our hands where water and soap are not readily available to wash our hands.

It is for this reason this driver was not willing to hand his licence to the MTTD officer who also would not comply with his demands.

The officer is heard asking to see the driver’s documents but the driver pleads with her at least sanitize her hands first in the viral 30-second-video.

However, I [writer] believe he could have shared with her his hand sanitizer since she clearly did not have some. We take care of ourselves by taken care of others. Like the president said, “these are not ordinary times.”


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