Drama As Woman Is Reported For Stealing Man’s iPad, She Tells Police It Was Payment After Steamy Night

Police in Kilimani, Nairobi County on Sunday arrested a woman and a foreigner after reporting one another.

The foreigner, only identified as Khan reported the woman for allegedly stealing his iPad valued at Ksh92, 000 after spending a night with her.

“The iPad was recovered from the woman and the hotel’s security alerted police officers based at Capitol Hill Police station, who immediately rushed to the establishment,” police said in a statement.


The woman, however, denied stealing the gadget from Khan and accused him of wrongly reporting her after he gave her the iPad as payment for sexual services rendered at night.

“The woman alleged that Khan had given her the iPad, being payment for the services she had offered him all night since he had no cash money.

“Secondly, she told the officers that she intended to file a sodomy report against the reportee, since he had gone against the order of nature, contrary to her wishes,” police added.

The two are due to be arraigned in court.

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